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<<set document.title = "nothing">>\n[[at night, alive only long enough to smell the fresh air|2]]
<<set document.title = "nothing">>\n\n[[returning to death each day|1]]
<<set document.title = "nothing">>\n[[the graves of others all around me|4]]
<<set document.title = "nothing">>\n[[lying in a coffin built by my own hands|3]]
<<set document.title = "nothing">>\n[[and carved our headstones with the greatest care|6]]
<<set document.title = "nothing">>\n[[we each buried ourselves in turn|5]]
<<set document.title = "nothing">>\n[[into tombs of their own.|8]]
<<set document.title = "nothing">>\n[[to guide our children|7]]
<<set document.title = "nothing">>